Bailey Wolfe | Senior


Bailey’s mom is friends with a former mother-of-the-bride and contacted me after viewing the pictures from her daughters wedding.  I was thrilled to be able to photograph her daughter, Bailey for her senior photos!  It took Bailey a little warming up to the camera – which is only natural – but she WORKED it and I love the way this session turned out!  She has this half smile that is strikingly beautiful and looks amazing on film (or, well digital).  The one below is a fave so I thought I’d begin the post with it.



I had to coax Bailey out of her shell a little bit with the above series – but uh, so fun, and she broke free… thank you for breaking free Bailey!  I love the above!


We had to walk out in this fieldish area for the above three images…. there were probably – ok definitely – many critters and a lot of bugs she had to walk through.  But worth it…. oh YES!  I think we also both got our equal share of mosquito bites after it.  But THANK YOU for your willingness, Bailey… you were such a trooper 🙂



Bailey – thanks for being so beautiful.  I hope you love your images!


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