Brett & Lori | Wedding

This couple was beyond fun to work with! I had only met Brett and Lori once before the wedding day – so was a little nervous feeling as though I didn’t know a whole lot about them or their personalities. They also had an extremely large wedding party (9 on each side + 3 ushers) which can sometimes also be a little intimidating 🙂 But right when we arrived they were SOOO awesome, making both me and my second shooter, Stephanie, feel so welcome and comfortable! We also quickly connected with their fun and laid-back personalities and got some awesome pictures of both them and their extra-large bridal party!

It’s also so wonderful to hear feedback from my brides and their thoughts on the photos. Lori sent me an incredible letter expressing how much she loved the photos and how wonderful it was to get to work together. She also talked about how well Stephanie and I worked with such a large group! So glad I didn’t scare them off (or vice versa!).

Here are some (ok several) of my favorites from their wedding!

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