David & Emily | Wedding

David and Emily were one of the sweetest (and cutest) couples ever.  They were so genuine, thoughtful and kind… making sure I was cared for in every way.  Their January wedding was themed peacock and Emily beautifully wove the colors and details all throughout the day.  I loved getting to be apart of their day this past month.  Here are some teasers from their wedding day!

Her dad was was her hair stylist so he was right by her side all day making sure every curl was in place.  It looked gorgeous!

Once again for this January wedding we were hoping for a bit of snow…. but nope.  However we did get some decent warmth that day and some clear blue skies!

Emily and her dad have a great relationship and he was sooo proud walking her down that aisle!

Check out all these amazing details….. oooh love love love.

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