Dean & Verenice | Engagement

Since I moved out to San Diego last August, I’ve wanted to focus more on my babies and our church launch that is coming this upcoming October 2013.  I feel like the past 9 months have been a sabbatical of sorts, giving me much needed rest in more than just the physical sense of the word.  However, over the past couple months as life has begun to return to normal after making our big move and having our little boy, I have started getting anxious to get back to work in small quantities.  This is one session that I was so excited for.

Dean & Verenice met at ISU and shortly after Dean got a job at Hershey in West Virginia.  He moved out, continuing his relationship with Verenice at long distance.  They’re getting married this upcoming December in Texas, where her family is at!  I loved getting to know them more.  I knew Dean a little back in IL, but it was the first time I got to meet Verenice.  This is such a great couple and I’m so excited for the two of them and their upcoming marriage!

While we originally planned our session for IL, we ended up in Kentucky after finding out it was a lot closer to West Virginia.  I was visiting my parents, and honestly it worked out perfect because of all the beautiful areas nearby.  This location was at a forrest preserve called Black Acre I learned of from another photographer friend of mine, Emily Post.  (If you’re in the Louisville area, check out her beautiful work at!)

Dean works for Hershey and Verenice had gotten an internship doing work with Hershey so they became the Hershey couple.  They brought some to snack on!  I told Dean I would accept my payment in Hershey candy  🙂

The light was beautiful.

Thank you Dean & Verenice for allowing me to photograph your cute selves.  Much love to you guys and your new life together!


  • YAYAYAYAY Verenice!!!!!!!! I love her!!!! These are great Jamie! Miss you loads

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