Elyse Monroe | Personal

So if you’ve been following my blog at all you’ll know that almost 8 weeks ago I had a beautiful little girl, Elyse! She is the most amazing thing and we are head over heels in love with her. She already has my hubby wrapped around her little finger. He’s pretty smitten…especially because just recently she’s begun to give us the biggest smiles and we’ve seen more and more of her personality emerge! (Amazing).  It’s so fun to think about what she’ll be like or who she’ll become. I thought I’d post a few pictures along with a few of these sweet little personality traits we’ve noticed:

1.  She is determined.  Very very determined.  She can wiggle her way out of just about any swaddle we put her in!  Brandon and I love to listen to her little grunts from the monitor and see her little legs pushing up and around trying to free herself.  We call her our little houdini.

2.  She is curious and observative.  She loves to be held over our shoulder, swung up so high her little arms hang over.  I think she likes to look around at everything and check out all the new surroundings.

3.  She is a talker.  She LOVES to talk (baby talk of course) and has recently discovered her voice.  We’ve been having fun interacting back and forth with her as she chats and coos… one of our favorite new skills she’s learned!

But here she is… our little Elyse.

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