Our Family | Cornado Beach

My WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, photographer friend Tracy was out in LA this past month conveniently right after we had our new little guy, Shepherd.  I was soo pumped when she suggested coming down for a couple days and exchanging family sessions on the beach.  Her and I knew each other in college but didn’t become close until about a year before I moved.  Her work is stunning!!!  All these amazing images are HERS.  I was totally thrilled with the way they turned out!!  Totally in love and am super excited to get some of these favorites plastered all over my home!  If you’re from the Bloomington area… check out her work!!  www.fullyalivephotography.com

p.s. MAD props to my steller husband who did this whole shoot on his BIRTHDAY.  Rallying two kiddos, hiking down to the beach, and taking tons of family photos was not quite what he had in mind when thinking of what he’d like to do for his birthday.  But he’s a champ and did it all without complaining 🙂  Love him.


Shepherd apparently wasn’t too thrilled about this photoshoot either.  Typical boy.  Either that or Elyse was being a little too lovey for him.

This next picture is my favorite of me and Shep.  I just love the light!

Quite a stud if I don’t say so myself.  He was two months at this shoot.

I will mention how good looking my husband is…. particularly in the picture on the right!  yes, 33 Years old looks pretty good on him indeed 🙂

Love the one below…. oh how I adore this image of our family.

Elyse doesn’t get all that good looking blonde hair from me that’s for sure.

I was very impressed with Tracy and her ability to get smiles out of Elyse.  Our girl is pretty tight lipped around my camera most days… she probably sees it in her face way too often 🙂

This one is my most favorite.  Even Shep looks like he has a tiny smile!!  It just might make it to a large canvas on our wall.

This was the part of the session where our children started to fall apart.  We had to try extra hard just to get them to pay attention!

A lot of fun we had for sure…. what these pictures don’t show is the MELT DOWNS both our children had on the drive home.  *sigh*  It was a long day 🙂

THANK YOU TRACY.  We will treasure these images FOREVER.  So blessed to have you as a friend.  Much love to you…. and you best be back to visit soon!!  🙂

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