I’m a blogger failure!

So I was so excited to get this new blog and had so many dreams and visions of what it could become… but yes, here I am two months later and already having to apologize for never posting any updates!!  I blame it on the holidays for one… and on my lack of discipline when it comes to these things.  I’m not exactly the blogging type, but am truly trying to change!  Anyways, another exciting thing that happened (which I might use as an excuse for my lack of blogging) is our newest announcement… we’re having a baby!  While we found out mid November, we finally were able to announce it to all our friends and family this past weekend.  So here I am, my little pea-size bump, at 12 weeks!  (p.s. photo taken by my fabulous husband, Brandon)BabyBump-10

By the way… more blogs to come.  I promise.

  • lynne

    JAMIE!! this is wonderful wonderful news! congratulations to you and brandon. you guys will be awesome parents! yay!

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