Jordan & Marqui | Engagement

ohhhhh Jordan & Marqui.  Another couple I deeply love and have gotten to know over the last several months.  Marqui came on staff as my husband’s administrative assistant for the college ministry we’re apart of.  The beautiful thing…. we not only got her awesomeness in our little close clan of staff, but her fiance as well.  They’re getting married at the end of April but have been dating since high school…. you’ll notice their high school sweatshirts towards the bottom of the post.  We had such a good time… a lot of adventure – such as a near collision on the way out of Denny’s (one spot that’s been particularly meaningful to them during their dating years) and an encounter with some type of wild animal we heard snorting through the tall grasses.  Here’s their teaser!

Since Denny’s was a particularly fond restaurant to the two of them, we hit up a milkshake for the first part of the session.

L~ F~:

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