Jordan & Marqui | Wedding

Jordan & Marqui are a couple especially near and dear to my heart.  Marqui has been my husband’s administrative assistant at Fuel (the college ministry he led) for the last two years.  We LOVE Marqui, and it was only an added bonus that she was dating Jordan because we then got to hang out with the two of them regularly.  They’ve been dating since high school…. I believe, and as a facebook status update proclaimed, 80 months.  They were both QUITE ready to say “I Do” and tis was a glorious “I do” for the both of them.

If any of the groomsmen look familiar it might be because it seemed like the majority of the clan was in a previous wedding I had done back in December.  I’ll just say they were quite the entertainment and I think my cheeks hurt from laughing at them by the end of the day 🙂

After the ceremony, we headed over to a park where they would occasionally spend their time together in high school.



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