Nick & Jen | Engagement

Jen scheduled an engagement session several months ago after hearing about me from one of my college roommates.  Her and her fiance Nick met at ISU and so we definitely hit up the campus for part of their session.  But first we headed to a park to get started.  Wanted to post this beautiful ring right off the bat…. mmmmm – loooove it.



We were just soaking up this beautiful sunlight during their morning session.  The one directly below is a favorite 🙂




Ok, I take it back…. the next two are my favorite – Nick was such a big guy and Jen was just so little and petite!  He swept her off her feet like it was nothing….


Jen liked the tall grasses – so we headed out to one of my favorite spots to snag these killer images.  I could barely choose which to post.

And on we go to ISU!



Jen is a speech pathologist and works with really young children.  I could tell it was something she was crazy about by how passionately she talked about the kids she works with and the job description itself.  The very bottom picture is the sign for I Love You.  Her and Nick adopted it early on in their relationship as a sweet reminder to tell one another how they feel in busy or public settings where maybe they don’t get the chance to speak it to one another.  An inside moment for the two of them.  So sweet.

Jen & Nick – While I so wish I could be available for your wedding next year – I’m thrilled that I got to work with you guys for your engagement session!  I hope your wedding is filled with incredible memories!

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