Nick & Mindy | Wedding


So… I’ve been excited to post this wedding since the minute I uploaded all my pictures from the day.  I think I took more photos at this wedding then in the history of all weddings for me.  I was there about 13 hours and there was just so much going on my brain was on overdrive ready to capture something amazingly cool around every corner- everything from last name hangers (see below) to customized hotel room keys.  Yes – it was quite the celebration and I was so THRILLED to be able to be apart of it.  I obviously couldn’t post all the photos from the event (though I realllllly wanted to), and I will admit this will be a larger post than normal… but… I hope this does their beautiful party just a little bit of justice.

We started out at the Mariott Hotel in downtown Peoria… right off the river.  And I mean this hotel was gorgeous in every way.  All the bridesmaids were there getting hair done and nails done…. and there was so much anticipation.

The sweet little flower girl in the picture below was so expressive and dramatic in every way…. she couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw how beautiful her hair looked.  And, earlier that morning when she was cuddling with Mindy, she asked so sweetly why Mindy had polka dots all over her face.  Ummm adorable.  Mindy laughed pretty hard as she explained to her that they were called freckles 🙂

Nick & Mindy spent some time writing letters to each other… which were delivered by the Maid of Honor later that morning.

Nick arrives!  And the guys begin to get ready for the big day.


One of the bridesmaids had a little trouble with their dress… the fabric caught on the zipper and it took about 4 other bridesmaids and 30 minutes to get it free!  But success was sweet.



I love the image above….one big breath before the “first look”

This bridal party made me feel right at home.


One thing I loved about working with Mindy and Nick was that they really valued their wedding pictures and gave me tons of time for creativity!  We started out downtown Peoria up some old alleys and with some sweet buildings…


Then we headed up to Grandview drive for some family pictures…. but I was able to capture a few of Nick and Mindy against the gorgeous green landscape!





After the ceremony we headed out to a field for, yes, MORE PICTURES.  Did I mention how much I love this couple?  Mindy brought all kinds of fun props too…


The reception was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and all the printed design was created by the wonderful Fabulous Affairs.




I try to make it a point to photograph a little extra those who I know are important to the bride & groom.  So when the parents got out on the dance floor…. my camera was all over that!

And finally… I grabbed the bride and groom for one last photo on the balcony overlooking the Peoria bridge.  One of my favorites.

Nick & Mindy….. how I loved being apart of your wedding day.  THANK you for everything… I hope your photos bring back memories and emotion for years to come!

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