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A lot has happened the last 6 months since I was actively taking on new sessions.  We moved to California… had our adorable little boy Shepherd… and have been settling in here finally feeling like I can let my hair down and just relax a little.  While I’m not all up on the marketing bandwagon trying to book a lot, I have slowly begun to shoot around a little more.  I’m starting to get anxious to find all the new locations and photograph this beautiful light I always hear other photographers talk about.  Meanwhile, I have had the chance to do some sessions for fun which I’ll be blogging about in the next couple weeks.  The first I wanted to share was of a family that I was close with in Bloomington!  Tracy is another photographer that was up in LA for a conference with her husband, Nate, and their little boy, Mateo.  I was pumped when they decided to come down to San Diego for a visit – and so of course, we had to exchange sessions.

We picked gorgeous Cornado beach to land for the shoot… but since we spent the day at the zoo, we got there a little later than planned and the sun had just begun to go behind some low clouds.  Though a little bummed, it didn’t disappoint.  This blog is of their fam and I’ll be blogging the photos she got of mine later 🙂  (She freaking rocked it.)

Check out her gorgeous work (which I’ll be raving about more when I blog the ones she took of us) at

How adorable is their little guy?  After spending the day with him, I can safely say I think he might be the only baby I’ve met that’s “busier” than my little girl.  He kept them on their toes for sure.

I love these next images.  The light was gorgeous.

My favorite below…

This session moved fast… We were swapping kids and cameras around like crazy ladies trying to catch the light and the expressions.  Mad props to both our husbands for being such good sports.


  • Great job as usual Jamie! So glad to see you getting back at it!

  • Great job as always Jamie! So glad to see you picking up that camera again. 🙂

  • OMG I LOVE THEM ALL Jamie!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how many good shots we got with only like 30 minutes to shoot!!!!! This was one of the best experiences to see what my clients go through anxiously awaiting fun photos to pop up online! It feels so good to be on the other side of the lens & your’ work is beautiful! Thanks for capturing this moment for us! Love you!

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