Quinn & Ella | Newborn

I’ve been able to breath a little easier the last couple months during my slower season. While I had two weddings in January, I have zero this month and March – and while I LOVE photographing weddings, it has been a nice and much needed break (for my sanity).

BUT the fun part is I get to concentrate on other photography that I don’t get to as much during wedding season… newborns. Oooooh how I love them. I loved them before I had my baby, but now that Elyse is big. And crawling (a new development), it’s even more wonderful to get to photograph these sweet little babies and remember when she was so tiny.

I got the privilege of photographing two beautiful little girls, Ella & Quinn. Both just absolutely sweet and adorable. Here is just a one little peak of each of these beautiful little girls. The first photo is of Ella. The second of Quinn.

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