Rebecca | San Diego Graduate

I met Rebecca only a couple months after moving to our new home in San Diego, CA.  I was about two days away from delivering my son Shepherd and trying rapidly to finalize and finish up my wedding from the month before.  I don’t remember getting much work done because Rebecca and I hit it off so well and chatted for a good long while at that little table.  She is one of the sweetest, most genuine, down to earth girls I know.  We stayed in touch and she eventually became apart of the launch team for the church we moved out west to start, Rise City Church.  One of the topics we talked about on our “first date” was her passion to be a nurse but the brutal two years of nursing school she had ahead of her.  Fast forward to now.   She’s graduating.  I’m so proud of this girl as I’ve seen her faithfully dedicate herself to a career she loves and wants to make an impact in.  Congratulations Rebecca.  Graduation is right around the corner!  Thanks for letting me photograph your beautifulness!



Rebecca couldn’t keep a serious face for anything.  Lots of laughing.  I was able to snag a few shots though and was quite pleased!







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