The Simpsen Family

Chase and Aja have been married over three years and had their little guy, Dash, about 16 months ago (see Dash as a newborn here)!  Their family is close friends of ours and Chase and my husband, Brandon, are cousins.  Their family is so much fun to photograph. For one, they LOVE pictures.  Even Chase is a great sport about them!  Two. They’re all just gorgeous and Dash could not have been more sweet and charming during our session.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Aja just opened a new Salon in Bloomington called Elevation so she brought the sweet purple chair in the picture above.  I got to take some photos of her place right after she opened and posted several on my business facebook page.  If you wanted details about that or just wanted to check out how it all came together, you can view her place here.


The one below is a fave….


Aja came stocked with essential hair supplies for the session…. for the babe.  Dash’s mohawk= adorable.


So I mentioned Dash was charming… he was also quite the flirt.  Obviously he gave Aja many kisses, but my little girl, Elyse, came along for the session as well and she just showered her with hugs, love and kisses.  She’s almost exactly the same size and just as blonde so it’s really cute to watch them love on each other… (in a second-cousin kind of way).

Chase, Aja, & Dash…   I love you guys.

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