I can’t even express what an amazing opportunity it was to attend United 2014 in Santa Barbara.  I made the trek up the coast with three friends to attend this conference I knew barely anything about.  All I knew was I was going to get a lot of hugs and learn a lot about photography.  While both proved true, I could not be more impressed with not only the sheer talent and abilities the leaders running the conference, but what truly real and servant hearts they had in the midst of their prominent professions.  I left the conference not only desiring to be a better photographer, but a better wife to my husband, mom to my children, and servant to all my clients and friends.  I don’t know how they did it, but I admire them greatly and I think my husband was pleasantly surprised when I came home.  He was afraid my brain would be too stuffed full of information I wouldn’t leave my computer for days afterwards 🙂

In the midst of our move across country.  Our new baby.  Our new church.  And so many other life changes tugging at my heart the last two years…. my photography passion has politely waited in the corner while everything else gets settled.  But I learned that that’s okay.  That it might not get the major renovations I dream up in my mind late at night, or the deep concentration daily as I pour over thousands of pictures from my booked out calendar year.  But that’s okay too.  I learned simple is better.  For me anyways.  At this point in my life.  I love what I do and never want to stop.  But right now, In the midst of loads of diapers… Weekly playdates with my amazing friends…  Cooking dinners and carting kids around…  Movie nights with my husband and morning times with my God.  This.  These things.  Only make my passion stronger and I think, make me a better photographer.  I’m ready to dive back in slowly.  And not get all crazy and book myself out like I did when I was kidless.  But I want to do what I do well, even if it is in small doses for now.

I will continue to revise and update.  Narrow my focus and find my specialties.  But honestly.  It’s not going to be overnight.  I will love my clients well, and I will love my family well.  But it can’t be in that order.  I learned all that from this conference…. seriously right?!  A special thanks to my friends Megan, Wendy & Chris for letting me word vomit all my feelings on the ride home.

So here’s to that.  And photography.  Because I seriously, absolutely, positively love this.

The first shoot I’m going to blog just a couple from, was my class with Jordan & Amy Demos, an amazing photography team located in Scottsdale AZ whose work I am just in love with.  Check them out at amyandjordan.com.  Their models for the shoot were Alexa Anderson & Matthew Kazmierczak, possibly recognized from the show “So you Think You can Dance” season 9??  They rocked this session.  







On Wednesday we headed out to Grassini Family Vineyards to photography our model bride & groom, Tori & Brett Benham.  A shout out to their amazing generosity in letting us use their Winery as well as Rincon Floral for the beautiful bouquet!
We caught a little bit of sun the first 20 minutes and then she tucked away but thankfully gave us some beautiful soft light the rest of the morning.









Also wanted to say thank you to Montana Dennis for leading and teaching the shoot and Kristin Bell for coordinating all the details!  You both are amazing!!
And one.  Just of all us.  For kicks.  Now  you really understand how awesome our models were to put up with 30 photographers catching every blink.  Thank you Brett & Tori 🙂



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