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Tutus. A weakness of mine for sure. When I see a sweet little baby in a tutu, I melt. So when I found this cutie little black tutu on Etsy for super cheap… I could not resist.

I take photos of Elyse with my big camera every so often but believe it or not I do most of my memory making with my fancy schmancy iphone (so professional of me). However, there are definitely occasions to bust out all the stops for the pro pics – the kind that I’ll go back to cry over when she turns 13 and those that will hang on our walls for 20 years. So since I don’t go nuts on a daily basis – I did go all out (as much as you can with a makeshift studio in the dead of winter) when she turned 6 months, which was January 24th.

Anyways… I’m super excited to blog these!! Not only because I was so pleased with how they turned out, but also because I’m pretty much crazy about my daughter and think she’s the most beautiful thing in the world (although I could be biased. Maybe). She’s definitely got the cheese smile down for the camera though… I think she’s used to it by now.

And I did go a little overboard on these…. (I think I have 150… eeek!). It’s going to be torture to figure out which to put around our house. And obviously… the ones where I’m apart of the photo were taken by my fabulously talented husband Brandon. So da da dahhh! My baby girl….

L~ F~:

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